DK Security, Inc

to DK Security’s Employment page and thank you for considering employment with our team. The first tenant of our mission focuses on our commitment to the success and welfare of our employees. Our employees working in the field are our “Frontline” and the heart and soul of this organization. Nothing is more important than taking care of those who are out in the field taking care of our company and clients.


  • Be a part of our country’s critical infrastructure (Department of Homeland Security critical infrastructure programs are more dependent on the private sector than government entities in securing our nation.)
  • Combine on-the-job experience with your education
  • Work under the leadership of a retired U.S. Marshal, FBI Supervisory Agent and other law enforcement professionals
  • Establish credible references for your career in law enforcement, security, or criminal justice
  • Enjoy the atmosphere of working on a team and in a position that serves a critical purpose
  • Gain exposure to a variety of fields including security, special event management, executive protection, surveillance, investigations, security management and more

Prior to applying with DK, please note that minimum requirements include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Ages 18 or older
  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Successful Completion of Criminal Background Screening and Fingerprinting (no felonies)
  • Successful Completion of Drug Screening
  • (Please see grooming requirements below)

Prior to applying with DK, please note that we have a strict (zero exceptions) grooming policy which includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • No visible tattoos (please note, short sleeve shirts are worn during warmer months)
  • No piercings (with the exception of females wearing stud earrings)
  • No facial hair (with the exception of neatly trimmed moustaches)
  • Men’s hair must not extend over the shirt collar or ears
  • Females must pull hair into ponytail unless shorter than shirt collar
*You will be provided with the full grooming policy at the time of orientation.


Our current job opportunities are listed below, and we are only accepting applications for these specific positions at this time. If a position you have in mind is not listed, it is because we are not accepting applications for that position at this time, and we encourage you to check back again. This page is updated frequently with new opportunities. PLEASE NOTE: Job descriptions vary and it is important to carefully read the description prior to applying.


  1. We encourage you to learn more about our company, services and team via reviewing our website.
  2. Review the job descriptions below to determine if the position in which you are interested may be a good fit for you.
  3. Submit your application online via the links below (paper applications are not accepted). Applications must be thoroughly completed for consideration.
  4. After submittal, you will receive an immediate email confirming that your application was accepted and outlining next steps.

Thank you for considering DK Security and we wish you the best of luck.