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MAXIMUS Federal has decades of experience in managing the most complex, challenging and mission-critical federal programs. We ensure that our clients achieve results that improve customer experiences and ultimately help federal programs work more effectively and efficiently. We strive for outcomes that matter.

MAXIMUS Expertise

At MAXIMUS, we are driven by a common purpose to improve the lives of those we serve by operating government health and human services programs. For four decades, we have partnered with government agencies to transform lives and strengthen communities through more effective health, welfare, employment, child support and education programs.

What sets us apart is our deep level of experience, which gives us the ability to rapidly deploy programs that deliver measurable results. Our holistic approach to business process and case management, paired with scalable operations and automated systems, allows us to tailor programs to the specific needs of a community and its beneficiaries, even on an international scale. We approach our work with a fundamental goal in mind to make a meaningful impact on people’s lives.

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