The Arizona Department of Public Safety is hiring State Troopers! 

A trooper is a fully certified law enforcement officer who, under supervision, patrols highways, enforces laws and ordinances, investigates collisions, and performs related duties. Since Troopers are assigned to locations throughout Arizona, applicants may request up to three duty assignment locations (city/town/county or patrol district) for consideration by the Department. Applicants may list these (up to three) requested duty assignment locations in their online application, or enter the word "anywhere" on their online application if they do not have a preference. The Department will do its best to work with applicants and their families to assign the applicant to one of their requested duty assignments, but ultimately the staffing allocation needs of the Department is the deciding factor. Many of the Highway Patrol districts and areas have unique residency requirements. Should you have any questions regarding duty assignments or residency requirements, please contact a Recruiter in the DPS Human Resources Bureau for assistance.