Honoring All The Sacrifices - CEO

Andrew "Ace" Linares is the current Executive Director and Founder of Honoring All The Sacrifices of Freedom Fighters (HATSOFF). Father of two, Guantes Ace Linares (2) & Keilye Isabel Linares (1); a former Sergeant of the United States Army, he is known for his ability to critically analyze problems and develop unique effective solutions on the macro or micro scales. The current mission of Honoring All The Sacrifices directly relates to his personal experiences as a veteran. A desire for change in the level of care received by fellow and future veterans is the driving force behind his initiatives and agenda. Attended the graduate program at Cornell University for Non-profit Financial Management. Wayne State University - Philosophy B.A. Undergraduate Program Alumni. Military achievements include Presidential Commendation, 2-time winner of the (Soldier of the Year) competition, Fiesta De Las Flores award recipient, and veteran of OEF/OIF. Currently resides in the Greater Detroit Metropolitan Area.