Jan 27, 2022

Maintenance Supervisor

$25.00 hourly
  • Marko Foam Products
  • 2940 West Directors Row, Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Full-Time Manufacturing

Job Description

Oversees all repair and maintenance functions for both the fabrication and
molding facilities. Must repair machines quickly and correctly. Troubleshoot
and repair electronic, hydraulic, and pneumatic components to assure proper
operation. Maintains the "Five Priorities" of safety, quality, productivity,
organization and documentation. Makes preventative maintenance a priority.
Coordinates with manufacturing to schedule down time for repairs and
maintenance. Keeps accurate maintenance records for each piece of
machinery. Is responsible for the overall appearance of the maintenance
shop May fabricate necessary jigs or devices for manufacturing. Must treat
everyone with dignity and respect and lead by example.


Industrial-Manufacturing Engineering, Equipment Install-Maintain-Repair, Operations-Plant Management



Security Clearance

NO Security Clearance

Job Requirements

Is directly responsible for all maintenance employees. This will generally be between 1-5 employees. Consults with management and H/R before making hiring and firing decisions for this department, following all applicable labor laws, good judgement, and business ethics. Manages labor costs while assuring that all equipment is operating in a safe and efficient manner.

1. Safety – Assures that the facilities and equipment are maintained in a manner that is conducive to a safe working environment. Is to enforce good housekeeping measures. Is actively involved in the safety program and safety management. Should know and understand the OSHA, State, and company safety regulations, and assure that they are being adhered to by all employees within department. Assures that all machinery guards, and other safety devices are working correctly. Will observe Lock-out / Tag-out procedures before working on any equipment. Will complete supervisors report of accident forms and submit to the HR department and Safety Manager within 24 hours of any accident.

2. Quality – Takes pride in the department and the work that they do.  Assures that machinery is working correctly to assure manufacturing quality. Keeps machines in good working order.

3. Productivity – Assures that the department is efficient. Manages personal time and employee time well. Must be able to troubleshoot and repair all equipment in the facility.

4. Organization – Is responsible for the overall organization and coordination of the department. Coordinates with vendors, suppliers and other departments to assure that down time is minimized. Is to maintain an organized shop. Maintains an organized and clean office.

5. Documentation – Assures that all maintenance paperwork is completed completely and accurately. Maintains good files for each piece of equipment including operation and repair manuals, and work history. Completes all HR-required paperwork timely, such as status change notices, hiring forms, written warnings, and employee counseling records.

● Keep all machines in good working order. Troubleshoot and repair all machines and components thereof.

● Attend all required meetings as scheduled.

● Assure that routine preventative maintenance is getting completed and documented.

● Communicate maintenance requirements to subordinate staff daily in a clear and concise manner. Make sure that employees know what is expected to be completed each day.

● Repair equipment safely and quickly whenever there is a breakdown.

● Manage supply and outside contractor costs.

● Document all employee counseling and warnings in a timely manner and submit to HR for proper filing.

● Maintain a task list to manage on-going tasks.

● Respond to e-mails in a timely manner.

● Be actively engaged in continuous learning as it relates to manufacturing plant and equipment maintenance.

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