Nov 26, 2021

Vice President Economic Mobility and Workforce Innovation

  • Rockland Community College
  • Rockland Community College, College Road, Suffern, NY, USA
Full-Time Administration Management

Job Description

Position: Vice President Economic Mobility and Workforce Innovation


Rockland Community College is seeking a Vice President to oversee a new division of Economic Mobility and Workforce Innovation. Rockland Community College is the only public minority-serving institution in Rockland County, enrolling considerable numbers of Pell Grant recipients, first-generation college students, and adult students. For this critical senior leadership role, we strongly encourage applications from qualified candidates who share identities with those of our students and/or who are members of other historically underrepresented communities. RCC is looking for a self-motivated, experienced, and results-driven VP, who will report to the President, to direct and manage the business activities of this new division and to develop and implement effective business strategies and programs. The successful candidate will have a high level of energy, political savvy, drive and the personality necessary to achieve ambitious goals of this new division, as well as experience leading entrepreneurial programs or divisions focused on economic and workforce development.


Job Duties:

  • Collaborates deeply with the President to develop a vision for Rockland Community College’s strategic engagement in service to its economic mobility and workforce innovation objectives. Determine how Rockland Community College can make a difference where the need is greatest and lead and drive transformational and equitable impact in the communities it serves.
  • Will work with nonprofits, business leaders, community organizations, philanthropic funders, and key stakeholders to support inclusive community, workforce, and economic development by (1) planning and executing Rockland Community College’s major community, workforce, and economic development programs; (2) utilizing applied research to strengthen programs and strategies; (3) collaborating with key community leaders, stakeholders, nonprofits, and business leaders to build shared value strategies which advance our goals for sustainable, inclusive community leadership capacity.
  • Work with community and governmental agencies, other educational institutions, employers, businesses, and critical stakeholder groups to identify workforce needs and strategies. Expand workforce partnerships and collaborations with companies, unions, community-based organizations, and governmental and non-governmental organizations. Secure business and other community partnerships that drive long-term mission impact, yield business growth, and ensure high-quality programming, community engagement, and communications objectives are included in partner relationships.
  • Oversee development and delivery of workforce programs and initiatives that create sustainable impact and scalable within Rockland Community College and the community.
  • Develops and manages innovative and attractive educational credit and nondegree programs for adults in response to changing needs of constituencies.
  • Partner with the Vice President of Institutional Advancement to align communications and community engagement strategies through various channels and tactics. Set the overall strategy for the Division’s technology capabilities to enable effective communication and connection with job seekers and community members seeking support services in collaboration with the College Chief Information Officer.
  • Collaborate with the Chief Financial Officer to oversee the Division’s financial performance, contract administration, and business engagement plans. Prepares and supervises start-up and operational budgets; implements short- and long-range fiscal plans, determine the allocation of funds for staff, supplies, facilities, and equipment; authorizes and monitors expenditures.
  • Ensure the integration of research-based best practices in educational technologies, student-centered instructional strategies, quality curriculum standards, and emerging skills that enable all students, employees, and clients to reach their full potential.
  • Hire, manage and provide direction and mentorship to Division staff and contractors.
  • Identify and use benchmarked workforce development and training-associated metrics to maintain and improve program effectiveness as evidenced by increased placement, retention, and job satisfaction.
  • Support and maintain a divisional culture of innovation that fosters a high degree of engagement in and appreciation for training and workforce development activities.
  • Assume overall accountability for the success of all departments reporting to the Vice President, ensuring that outcomes and productivity standards are set, measured, met, or exceeded. Develop a quality assurance program to monitor performance and ensure student learning and satisfaction.
  • In collaboration with the Division of Institutional Advancement, oversee and participate in grant development and administration. Identify new funding and grant opportunities. Develop partnerships in response to inquiries from the government and other potential funders.
  • Design and implement systems and structures that ensure efficient, effective, and scalable operations.
  • Collaborate with HR to train and coach managers, supervisors, and others involved in employee and workforce development efforts.
  • Shaping and implementing a capacity-building strategy for inclusive community development include asset-based community development, consensus organizing, and other related applied research approaches focusing on the unique role Rockland Community College plays in Rockland County and its surrounding communities.
  • Designing, implementing and evaluating community, workforce, and economic development initiatives.
  • Contributing to the creation of the overall strategy to advance equitable, inclusive capacity building in local communities.
  • Continuously learning throughout a process of strategy, prioritization, implementation, applied research, and evaluation.
  • Building strong community-centered partnerships for local impact.
  • Collaborating and building impactful, inclusive initiatives with the community, workforce, and economic development communities.


Required Qualifications:

Master's degree from an accredited institution


Required Experience:

  • Minimum of five (5) years of administrative or managerial experience in corporate or higher education settings.
  • Demonstrated track record of identifying and engaging key strategic external partners (individual or institutional) for the purposes of building effective collaborative initiatives to deliver programs, curriculum, industry partnerships, etc.; ability to pull together many different constituencies, from both the public and private sectors.
  • Demonstrated track record for writing, receiving, and managing multi-million-dollar grants.
  • Demonstrated ability to supervise a team of professional staff, as well as develop and manage operational budgets and business contracts.
  • Demonstrated track record for increased ROI of non-credit program offerings and trainings.
  • Experience reporting directly to or working with an institutional CEO.
  • High energy with the ability to lead teams toward successful collaboration in the development of workforce training that will meet the present and future needs of the region's economic development and corporate communities.
  • Possess highly developed analytical skills, writing and presentation skills, and communication skills that allow for effective communication with stakeholders.


Starting Salary: Commensurate with experience


Submit Resumes to:


Application Deadline: Search will remain open until candidate is selected however, to ensure consideration resumes should be received by November 25, 2021.


Include three (3) professional references (including names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses). References will not be contacted without prior permission of the candidate. Employment at the College may be subject to the favorable result of a background investigation. Official transcripts will be required upon employment. Foreign transcripts which are not accompanied by an evaluation from an approved agency may not be reviewed. Applicants may contact NACES (National Association of Credential Evaluating Service) at to obtain a list of members providing this service. Any expenses incurred for this service must be borne by the applicant. Foreign transcript translations by applicants or educational institutions are not acceptable.


Rockland Community College is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer and strongly encourages applications from women, people of color, veterans and individuals with disabilities. Our mission demonstrates a strong public commitment to a diverse and inclusive campus community.



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