Jan 27, 2022

Tooling Technician

$17.00 - $20.00 hourly
  • Marko Foam Products
  • 2940 West Directors Row, Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Full-Time Manufacturing Other Skilled Labor

Job Description

Prepares mold tooling for tool-changes. Maintains the five priorities of safety, quality, productivity, organization and documentation. Is responsible for the overall appearance of the tool shop. Makes preventative maintenance a priority. Works with tooling coordinator to assure that tools are ready to hang when needed. Keeps accurate records for each tool.

- CAN CONSIDER RELOCATION EXPENSES if applicant is not a local resident -


Industrial-Manufacturing Engineering, Equipment Install-Maintain-Repair, Facilities Management-Maintenance



Security Clearance

NO Security Clearance

Job Requirements

1) Safety – Assures that the tooling area is kept in a manner that is conducive to a safe working environment. Assures that all machinery guards, and other safety devices are used and are working correctly. Assures tools are maintained, staged, and prepped in a manner that assures safety.

2) Quality – Takes pride in the department and the work that they do. Assures that all tool-related equipment is working correctly to assure manufacturing quality. Assures that all seals, guns, eject-rods, etc. are working properly before the tool is sent to molding.

3) Productivity – Assures that the department is efficient. Stays abreast of the molding schedule to assure that tools are staged in time to assure rapid tool changes. Manages time well. Strives to make quick tool changes possible.

4) Organization –Coordinates with manufacturing and maintenance to assure that down time is minimized. Is to maintain an organized tool shop. Makes sure that there is a place for everything and everything is in it’s place. Has all tools and supplies organized. Keeps all tools tagged with proper information. 

5) Documentation – Assures that all tooling paperwork is completed completely and accurately. Maintains good files for each tool. Tool inspections and repairs are to be documented and properly filed for each tool.

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