May 18, 2022

SLVHCS Medical Technologist Clinical Laboratory Scientist - (SLVHCS-MT.CLS) New Orleans, LA

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  • New Orleans, LA
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SLVHCS Medical Technologist Clinical Laboratory Scientist
Job Description



  • Performs a broad range of laboratory procedures, without direct supervision, including all testing and tasks of the medical laboratory technologist /clinical laboratory scientist occupation. Incumbent is assigned to rotate to different areas of the laboratory during Evenings Nights Weekend (ENW) tours for optimal patient care. In addition, performs advanced and complex laboratory procedures in the Clinical Lab, recognizes deviation from expected results; analyzes and corrects problems using scientific principles.
  • Receives, accessions, and processes incoming samples per standard operating procedures (SOP) from all areas of the hospital and outlying clinics.
  • Responsible for daily quality control (QC) and preventive maintenance of instrument systems.
  • Maintains and documents the optimal functioning of laboratory equipment. Uses, calibrates, identifies malfunctions, repairs and performs preventive maintenance of laboratory equipment in the Clinical Pathology Laboratory.
  • Advanced and complex procedures include, but are not limited to, performing manual differentials, estimating WBC & Platelet counts from stained peripheral blood smears, manual hematocrits, manual microscopic examination of urine sediments; culture set-up and smear prep and reading, Screening for infectious diseases on a variety of PCR and Molecular instruments, Blood Culture evaluation & reporting; ABO, Rh, Antibody Screening, Crossmatch, Antibody Identification, component preparation and dispensing/ inventory maintenance and performing CAP proficiency testing.
  • Recognizes deviations in test performance due to instrument malfunction in these same departments (Chemistry, Hematology, Immunochemistry, Microbiology, Molecular Microbiology, Transfusion Medicines and Urinalysis) and initiates corrective actions as deemed appropriate. Informs the supervisor of malfunctions and status of corrective actions implemented
  • Performs, evaluates, interprets, correlates, and validates the accuracy of laboratory procedures and results.
  • Follows standard operating procedures (SOP) in all applicable areas to assure accuracy of laboratory results. Verifies and reports results in a timely manner and communicates critical results per Pathology Service policy for Reporting of Critical Laboratory Values.
  • Evaluates and solves problems related to collection and processing of biological specimens for analysis, taking into account physiologic processes and requirements for all departments in the laboratory on the alternate tour shift.
  • Performs and documents quality control and quality assurance activities and corrective actions related to test performance
  • Maintains the confidentiality of medical records by adhering to applicable HIPPA and ADP guidelines for all patient medical data.
  • Answers inquiries regarding test results, methodology, test specificity, test sensitivity and specific factors that influence test results. Interprets results and suggests follow-up test selection or procedures as necessary (reflex tests)
  • Oversees training of Medical Technologists and Medical Laboratory Technician
  • Provides technical training and guidance to students, residents, staff and other employees
  • Incorporates principles of educational methodology in the instruction and training of new employees, Pathology residents and in the laboratory's in-service/continuing education program.
  • Communicates effectively and courteously while working as a healthcare team member.
  • Organizes work and sets priorities to meet deadlines.
  • Adheres to practices and regulations governing biosafety and biosecurity in the workplace.
  • Follows safety policies, universal precautions and uses personal protective equipment (PPE) for which the incumbent has been issued and trained to use for the task being performed per facility Safety and Infection Control policies
  • Assists in writing procedures and other documents as directed
  • Recommends updated guidelines and policies in compliance with regulatory requirements for non-routine or complex assignments; coordinates the laboratory competency program; and coordinates the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act (CLIA) laboratory proficiency/survey program.
  • Manages reagent and expendables inventory to ensure patient testing is not interrupted and utilizes laboratory supplies in a cost-effective manner with a minimum of waste.
  • Participates in Section Performance Improvement projects as assigned
  • Provide customers with accurate information according to established policies and procedures.


Job Requirements


  • Bachelor's degree or higher from an accredited college or university in medical laboratory science, medical technology, clinical laboratory science or in a related science.
  • Two (2) years of experience as a Certified Medical Technologist/Clinical Laboratory Scientist.
  • Must possess current ASCP MT/CLS certification
  • Excellent customer relations/interpersonal skills
  • Must be able to work overnight shifts to include weekends and holiday
    • 8-hour shift:  12am – 8am
    • 12-hour shift:  7pm – 7am
  • Prior experience with the following equipment highly desired:
    • Beckman DXH 900 HEME CBC Analyzer
    • Beckman Cellavision HEME Microscopic Diff
    • Stago Compact COAG Analyzer
    • Beckman Dxc 660i Chem Analyzer,
    • Beckman Arkray Iricell UA and Body Fluids Macro and Micro Analyzer
    • Abbot Architect Chem Hepatitis HIV Analyzer
    • Osmette Osmometer Analyzer
    • Cepheid Infinity Micro/Molecur Analyzer (COVID Testing)
      • BLOOD BANK:
    • Immucor Echo Blood Typing
New Orleans - US (Primary)
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