Nov 06, 2023

Field product Manager

$65,000 - $125,000 yearly
  • Spectaire
  • Boston, MA, USA
Full-Time Logistics

Job Description

The position will involve setup, installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of Spectaire products at customer sites. Travel and overnight site stays are a requirement.
Spectaire products are shipped to the installation site and may require startup following Spectaire procedures prior to installation. Installation involves basic mechanical and electrical work including installation of brackets, bending and cutting tubing, splicing electrical harnesses, and verification of correct install using software tools. Installation sites are varied, flexibility is critical and an ability to develop and follow good design practices is a must.
The position also is responsible for preclearing installation sites and designing/fabricating any hardware necessary to complete a subsequent install, such as brackets, tubing, and electrical harnesses.
Spectaire startup and installation documentation will be continuously updated by the Field Product Manager based on experience.


New Product R&D, CAD-Drafting, Ironwork-Metal Fabrication, Plumbing-Pipefitting, Electrical-Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Oil Rig & Pipeline Install-Maintain-Repair, Vehicle Repair and Maintenance, Wire and Cable Install-Maintain-Repair




$65000 TO $125000

Security Clearance

NO Security Clearance

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